Hybrid Bliss on HoneyColony Gift Guide for the Eco-Chic

HoneyColony is a healthy living website dedicated to uniting people adopting healthy lifestyles. It’s especially informative for people seeking to cut through the hype and claims about natural products, so we are honored the Hybrid Bliss yoga mat was included in HoneyColony’s Top 12 Best Yoga Gifts for the Eco-Chic! HoneyColony raves: Most yogis will have […]


How to Use Pranayama (Yogic Breathing) to Ease Holiday Stress

The holidays are upon us, and with this time of year comes a lot of pressure and often stress to create a special time for our loved ones.  More than ever, this is an important time to dedicate some time to our practice.  I know my practice always makes the best me available for those […]


Five Yoga Poses to Help You Find Your Innner Strength

Everyone aspires to feeling strong in their lives. Physically, mentally and spiritually, we all need that wellspring of confidence in our own abilities and resources. Even if we aren’t in a position of needing to deal with difficult issues, strength is something we need to empower ourselves. Sometimes, it’s the fierce strength to carve our […]