Kharma Khare Yoga Mat

We sell several eco yoga mat styles that are ideal for both amateur and experienced yoga enthusiasts. If you’ve been looking for a new yoga mat, you can feel confident when you place an order with us! Ours are the best yoga mats available.

If you practice yoga, you surely know how critical it is to have the right yoga mat. For most people, this is the only piece of equipment needed to engage in this practice. Whether you are just starting to get involved in yoga, or you have spent years doing this type of workout, your yoga mat will always be there with you for every milestone you complete and every goal you reach. Because your mat is your silent, unassuming partner in yoga, it is important for you to feel comfortable with it. We sell the best yoga mats on the market; they have been praised in Yoga Journal. You will find that all of our eco yoga mat styles are highly absorbent, made of a non-slip material, and thick enough to support your joints during even the most challenging poses. Yoga mats first became popular in 1982 when Angela Farmer devised the concept. Nowadays, most yoga practitioners cannot imagine life without their mats.




Hybrid Green


Reincarnated Lite